Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks 2020

  • 1. Who read your message

Suppose you have messaged your friend. And he has also read your message, but he has not given any reply to you. Later he says that he has read the message after a long time. But Whatsapp gives you this facility, so that you can know when your message has been read.
With which you will know when you sent that Whatsapp message to him and when he has seen that message. You can remove it and send it to Screenshot. So that he will immediately give a replay of your message.

2. Find Old Chat Easily

If we have to find an old chat for our work, then we have to scroll for it. In which a lot of our time gets wasted. But to save our time, we can bookmark that chat.

For this, you can mark the chat that you need to see in future. Which you will be able to see later easily. To star any Whatsapp message, press it for a while and then press the Icon of the star given above.

Now you have to come to Whatsapp's home page to see the message marked Star. Click on the 3 Dot given above. After that you have to click on Starred Message.

Now you will see the message that you marked Star. So in this way you can find that message very easily by doing Star Mark.

3. How to hide blue tick ? 

If you are thinking that you read your friend's Whatsapp message but he does not know that you have read that message. Yes friends, it is possible to do this. You will read your friend's message but he will not know that you have read that message.

You must know that if one of your messages is read, then the Blue Tick comes under that message. But you can hide that Blue Tick. For this, you have to follow the following step.

When you get the message of your Dost, then you have to do Aeroplane Mode On. After that you have to read that message. After reading the message, you have to close Whatsapp. Then you can turn off Aeroplane Mode.

Now your work is done, you have also read your friend's message on Whatsapp and he will not even have Blue Tick Show. So that he will not know whether you have read that message or not.

4. How to apply long status on whatsapp ?

Due to the lockdown, now everyone has to stay at home. In such a situation, Logs are using social media more so that it does not get bored. Between this, a new update of Whatsapp has come. And in this new update, you can apply only 15 Second Status. Now you cannot apply 30 Second Status as before.

If your video will be of one minute and you want to put it in Status, then you will have to put it in Status in 4 Part by doing Video 15-15 Second. Which spoils a lot of your time. In this case, you will also have a lot of trouble.

You must have liked the status of your friends at some time. And you must have also asked to send that status to your friend. But your friend will send you a couple of times, later he may also get upset. In such a situation, if you can keep your friend's status without asking for it, then it will be so good.

If you want to apply your status on your Whatsapp Status without disturbing your friend, then you have to download an application. You can download it from the Download Button. As soon as you open this app, all the Whatsapp Status will come in front of you, which will be kept by your friends.