How To Shere Wi-Fi Without Password

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you will often have to share it with friends who come home, for which you will also have to tell them your password, but there is a way So that you can share your Wi-Fi with friends without revealing the password (without password) -
If your friends or relatives visit your home's Wi-Fi connection, then you can share your Wi-Fi connection without sprinkling them, all you have to do is to do that - you need Wi-Fi in your home A QR code has to be created for the connection
For this, there are a lot of sites on the Internet, where you can generate a free online QR code, is one such site and you can click on the QR Code Generator.
Here you will see a form, above this you will see the Contents dropdown menu, it will have many options, in this you have to choose the wifi network.
After this, the second option is SSID, here name your Wi-Fi network.
Now enter the same password as the password of your network.

Share wifi without Giving Password

After that just click on Generate, a QR Code will appear in front of you, download it by clicking on the Download button given below and print it on a paper.
That's it, now if your friend asks you to share your Wi-Fi, then ask him to scan this QR code, he will be able to use your Wi-Fi network without a password.