how to download YouTube video in PC

how to download YouTube video in PC

You watch a lot of videos on YouTube in your computer, you want to download that video, you want to know how to download videos directly from YouTube without using software, then this article is for you.

 YouTube is the second search engine in the world, the first is Google and you must be aware that all the videos of the world are available on YouTube, while not in your precious time, yes I come on the topic that how to download last directly from YouTube

First, open any video you want to download from YouTube.

When your video page opens, then go to the URL bar as given in the image below.

After that, if you did not understand SS after WWW then see in the image below.

When you have added SS of your video to the video, then click on the enter button, the next page will open in your video which will be like the image given below.

Now you too can use any size and format and you can also download your video will be downloaded as soon as you click the download button.