How to Use Photoshop full tutorial ?

How to use Photoshop?

It is very easy to create a photo in Photoshop, it is a photo editing software in which you can edit photos according to your needs. So let's know how to do photo editing.

First open Adobe Photoshop and then tap on the file at the top to open the photo in Photoshop and click on Open.

Change Lips Color

    If you want to color Pink lips first, you can use pen tool or Lasso tool to select lips first.After selecting the Image from pen tool, click on the Image, then tap on Adjustments to select the Hue/Hue. Click on Saturation. As soon as you click on it, you will have a Window Open in front of you, from here you can adjust color accordingly.

Type Text On Photo

Text Tool is used if you want to write something on your photo such as Passport Size in the photo. Select the Text Tool from the Tool Menu and select the Type of Text.

Decrease Nose Size 

In Adobe Photoshop you can make the photo attractive by shortening the nose with the Help of Polygonal Lasso Tool, first open the photo you want to shorten the nose.

Then tap from Menu Tools to Lasso Tool and select the Polygonal Lasso Tool, then you can adjust it accordingly.

How to change Background in Photoshop

Today, the crease of photo editing on Social Media is very much going on, everyone edits their photo Background in a way. Similarly, if you also want to know about it, follow our steps below:

Open the photo you want to change background in Photoshop.
Select pen tool from the Tool menu after you open the photo, or you can also open Pen by pressing Shortcut Key P on Keyboard.
Now select the photo as far as you want to select the photo from the Pen Tool.

After selecting the photo, right click selection and click feather Radius Button and select your Radius, you can use 1 or 2 Feather accordingly.

Now you can copy the photo you select with Ctrl+C Press and now open the Background of your choice and paste the Copy Background into it by Ctrl+V. Now you can keep the photo anywhere in the Background according to your own and Save the photo to Jpg Formet.

How to make Passport size photo in Photoshop

All you know is that a Photo of Passport Size of any Online Form is asked for which is very easy to create.

If you have a PC or Laptop, you can easily create passport Size photos at home with Adobe Photoshop Help, if you also want to learn how to create a Passport Size photo, follow our steps below:

First open Adobe Photoshop and open the photo you want to create passport size from Gallary.
Crop the photo first after you open the photo, click crop tool from Menu Tools and set the width, height, and resolution below.
  • Width – 1.5
  • Height – 2.0
  • Resolution – 200

Now select the area of the photo for Passport Size as much as you want to take from the Mouse and click on the Right Tick above.

Create Frame
Press Ctrl+A (Select All) from Keyboard after croping the photo and press Ctrl+T Press to create a frame and then click Right Tick.

Give File Name
Now you have to save the photo first select the photo by Ctrl+A Press and then go to Edit Menu and click define Pattern to give File Name and click ok button.

Set Size
Now open New File by clicking file to set Height, Width, and Resolution, or you can set the size accordingly by clicking Ok.

Height – 800
Width – 1200
Resolution – 200
Save Photo

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