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The number of users on YouTube has increased due to the lockdown. In such a situation, people are also fed up with the ads seen on YouTube, but you can get rid of the problem of ads by getting a YouTube Premium subscription. Apart from this, you can also get other benefits with the help of Premium Membership. With the help of this service you can play in the background on YouTube, choose only the audio play mode and watch many premium programs.

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If you want to take a YouTube Premium subscription, then the company is giving you a 30-day trial. Which you can easily get. But if you are a Flipkart Plus member, you can get 6 months free subscription. For this, you only have to spend 150 Flipkart Plus Super Coin. Let us know how you can get the benefit of this service.

Here you will get the option of Flipkart Zone. After reaching here you will have to go to the section of Claim Exclusive Reward. Here you will find the reward of YouTube Premium in the Exclusive Rewards section. You have to spend 150 Super Coins to get YouTube Premium subscription. Once you select this offer, you will get a voucher. You can get free premium subscription for 6 months using this voucher.

Keep in mind that this offer will only work for those who have never taken advantage of YouTube premium service before. Or its trial would not have been used.
You have to go to the YouTube Premium Free Subscription page. Here you have to enter your voucher code. After entering the code you will get a subscription to YouTube Premium. At that time you have to click on the option of 'Try it Free'.

Keep in mind that the form will charge Rs 150 as the test amount. After payment, you will be able to take advantage of free YouTube for 6 months. Explain that to avail this service, users will have to provide debit or credit card information. This facility will be available only on MasterCard and Visa cards. If you continue to use YouTube's premium service even after 6 months, then your card will continue to be paid.

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YouTube Premium Membership Free
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