Double Whatsapp In One Phone

As nowadays all the phones are two sim, because of this we have two mobile numbers. May be we use one number for personal and another for official but we only have the means to use only one WhatsApp and the other number always misses the lack of not running WhatsApp.
You all must miss the lack of two WhatsApp. So we thought why not solve this problem too. For this, we came with the most latest trick in which we will tell you how you can run two WhatsApp in the same mobile simultaneously (How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Android At One Time). Is not it fun?

Use 2 WhatsApp in one mobile

GBWhatsApp Step 1> First of all, click here on your mobile and download the latest APK file of GBWhatsApp. (Updated October 2017)
Ek Phone Me 2 Whatsapp Kaise Chalayen
GBWhatsApp Step 2> Now after downloading the latest APK file of GBWhatsApp, click on it and install it in your mobile. See Figure below for help. In the next step, launch it and click on "Agree and Continue Sigh up"


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Double Whatsapp In One Phone
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